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 Melting Ice Activity with Frozen Hot Wheels Cars Rescue

 Melting Ice Activity with Frozen Hot Wheels Cars Rescue
 Melting Ice Activity with Frozen Hot Wheels Cars Rescue

Frozen Car Rescue Sensory Science Melting Ice block

Easy Melting Ice Activity and Science Experiment!

Melting ice is such a simple but important water science activity for young children. We make our water science experiments playful like this frozen car rescue! Ice melt experiments are neat for kids to see the change happening. Our frozen car rescue keeps the fun and learning exciting as each car is rescued! We have tons of great ideas for ice melting sensory science play here.

Frozen Car Rescue Set Up

This frozen car rescue is simple to make! All you need is a handful of cars and a milk carton. Cut the top off of your milk carton, add a few cars and a small amount of water. Pop it into the freezer and keep repeating in small layers until you have filled the milk carton! This way your frozen car rescue has plenty of cars to find until the very end.



Freeze cars in layers in a milk carton to make our frozen car rescue activity!

When your block is frozen solid, tear away the milk carton. Place it in a container.

Ice Car Rescue Ice Tower Frozen Car Sensory Play

This frozen car rescue melting ice activity and science experiment is awesome for encouraging fine motor skills. Give your child eye droppers, squeeze or squirt bottles, and basters to melt the ice. I set out a large bowl of warm water as well.

Frozen Car Rescue with Squeeze Bottle

Although this makes a great independent play opportunity, adults have been know to enjoy it too. If you are sitting with your child, this is a great opportunity to encourage observation skills. What do you see? What do you fee? What is happening?

Frozen car rescue is a great chance to talk about reversible change!

Ice Car Rescue Frozen Car Melting Science Activity

Make sure to feel the ice and explore with your hands too! Our frozen car rescue is a multi-sensory experience.

Frozen Car Rescue Sensory Play

Why not count the cars when you are finished to add some math to the hands-on learning experience

Frozen Car Math Counting Cars Activity

Makes great indoor and outdoor science sensory play for all ages to enjoy! We love melting ice activities all year long. Cool in the Summer for outdoor play and great indoor activity for the Winter.

Melting Ice Activity for Early Learning Play


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