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The Limits of the Human Body

The Limits of the Human Body
The Limits of the Human Body

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My parents love the outdoors, which I actually found out AFTER I moved out of the house. They started doing all these really fun outdoors activities that I love after I moved out! They started hiking, camping, going to all the National Parks; I was so jealous! I asked them why we never did any of that when my brother and I were at home and the answer was simple (but overlooked by me at the time): We didn't have time. I was wrapped up in volleyball and my brother was always busy as well. We just didn't have weekends here and there to take off to a National Park, or we got to be older kids we couldn't be pulled out of school for a three month trip around the nation (my parents totally did this and I was super jealous, but they have definitely earned it).

Although my parents do a lot of outdoor activities my Mom has always wanted to know more about the outdoors and survival techniques. She told me once that she had never had the opportunity to go to an "Outdoor Education" program like I did in 4th grade and she had always wanted to.

One afternoon I got a cryptic email from her asking me if I was free over a certain weekend. I replied that I was free and asked her what was up. She invited me to a "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" weekend, which was a weekend centered around teaching women the techniques of various outdoor activities. My father made a joke prior to Mom inviting me that I should be teaching the courses, what is even funnier is that he wasn't wrong.

When Mom and I got there we were all excited for a great weekend outdoors, but what we got was a weekend sitting in classrooms listening to lectures about various topics. The information that was shared was all information we already knew. Talk about BORING. Although, in all fairness, I think my Mom and I were misinformed about the type of weekend this would be. We thought we would be outside actually DOING various projects and activities and that we would get to learn more in depth about different outdoor activities. Instead we got very basic information, which after talking to some of the other women at the event, it was great for them because they don't do much outdoors already, but for my Mom and I it was very basic information and we almost left early. We literally could have taught a lot of the courses.

That is not to say we didn't still have a great weekend. We laughed a lot together and we will have this weekend to joke about for the rest of our lives. I am really glad we got to go together but next year for our 'outdoors' weekend, my parents are going to come visit me in Utah and my husband and I will take them on a few real adventures.

Although the information we received was very basic, I did come across some great information in one of the handouts we received showing the limits of the human body. I thought it was so interesting and I had never seen this information any where else that I put together the above chart so I could share it with all of you! I hope you find it interesting!

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