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Ten Cool Sciencey Things My Kids Love! - Picklebums

Ten Cool Sciencey Things My Kids Love! - Picklebums
Ten Cool Sciencey Things My Kids Love! - Picklebums

10 Cool Sciencey Things for Kids - videos, music, apps and activities

Here are ten cool sciencey things we’ve been loving lately.

Chris Hadfields youtube series – An Astronaut’s Guide to Life in Space

I know we are late to the party on this one, but we don’t have a lot of extra internet here for trawling youtube, but when we have some bandwidth left over at the end of the month my boys watch these awesome videos!

Ted Ed Videos

Ted Ed is another great sciencey youtube channel that is suitable for kids, and cool enough for adults. This is one of my piano playing child’s current favourites…

Upside Down and Inside Out – via The Kids Should See This.

This has to be the coolest music video ever, and the background information and explanations at The Kids Should See This is great too.

Brains On! Science Podcast

We are a bit podcast mad at the moment and this is one of our favorites. They have a kickstarter campaign going on at the moment to help them raise some funds to keep the podcast going, so have a listen and see if you’d like to support them.

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

This is a new one for us and we’ve only listened to a couple of podcasts but so far we are loving it.

Monster Physics Lite App

You get to build cranes, cars, rockets and faff around learning physics-ey kinds of stuff. It says for ages ten and up but even my five year old has fun just mucking around with this. There is also a paid version of the app but we’ve had plenty of fun with the free one.

SkyView Free

Point your device at the sky and this app tells you what’s up there! This app does need data to work, but it’s very cool.

Rube GoldBerg Machines.

My eight year old got this great this post form Brain Power Boy is a good place to start.

Super Fast Growing Crystals

We used this simple crystal growing method from Babble Dabble Do to grow these feather crystals in just a few hours. Way cool!

Original article and pictures take http://picklebums.com/sciencey-things/ site

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