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Simple STEAM Christmas Tasks - STEM Activities for Kids

Simple STEAM Christmas Tasks - STEM Activities for Kids
Simple STEAM Christmas Tasks - STEM Activities for Kids

Christmas STEM and STEAM

Maybe you’ve been seeing all of the cool STEM and STEAM engineering projects floating around Pinterest but you are still unsure about whether you want to try them in your class. I have made it super simple for you to dip your toes in to STEM because I created a set of task cards that only require the most basic of materials.

First, you need some basic materials: pipe cleaners, newspaper, paper, Q-tips/cotton swabs, rubber bands, tape, and aluminum foil.

Simple STEAM Christmas task cards materials
Then, you need some simple STEAM task cards.

Christmas STEM task cards
Last, let your little engineers do the rest!

Use these as a rotating center, or keep them out throughout the day for early finishers. The tasks are simple enough that students can do them without a lot of help, but don’t let the simple nature fool you. They require critical thinking and engineering skills and give students a chance to tinker around to find the best solution. They can be simple 5 minute tasks, or you can allow students more time to think and build. They really are versatile and can fit in whatever way works best for you.

Here is a sample of the pipe cleaner Christmas trees. It is harder than you may think to get them standing on their own! And you can always make it even more challenging: Can you build a tree that is one foot tall? Or can you build a tree that holds the most ornaments?

Pipe cleaner Christmas tree STEM

STEM engineering tasks are especially great for this time of year when students are full of extra energy. They are highly engaging and dare I say, fun. If you’ve been on the fence about trying them, let me encourage you to do it. Do it! Doooo it.

You can grab four free task cards here:

Simple STEAM Christmas free task cards

Happy STEM-ing!


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