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Sand Drizzle Sculptures

Sand Drizzle Sculptures
Sand Drizzle Sculptures

We love to include educational activities during our beach vacations. This year I was wondering how to bring you a Fine Motor Fridays post when a friend posted a picture of beautiful sand drizzle sculptures that she had created with her grandson on vacation! I had never seen or made these so I was intrigued!

I began by experimenting myself using a bucket of sea water and sand. I grabbed the very wet stand in my fist and allowed it to drizzle out of my hand as I aimed the sand to create a tower.

My preschooler wanted to try it herself of course! We loved seeing how high we could build the sculptures before they toppled over!

You can write in dry sand with the wet sand in the same way! We loved this totally new sensory and fine motor experience at the beach!

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Original article and pictures take http://www.stillplayingschool.com/2014/05/sand-dribble-sculptures-kids.html site

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