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Salt Water Density Science Experiment for Kids

Salt Water Density Science Experiment for Kids
Salt Water Density Science Experiment for Kids

Salt Water Density Science Experiment Float an egg!


Salt Water Density Science Experiment Set Up


Salt {table salt is fine}

2 bowls, spoons, and measuring spoon

2 eggs and other miscellaneous items in pairs


I set out two, 2 cup measuring cups filled to about 1 2/3 cups with room temperature water {try warm too, the salt took awhile to dissolve}

In one measuring cup I poured in about 1/3 of a cup of table salt.I mixed and mixed and mixed and had my son mix and mix and mix (seemed to need a lot of re-mixing along the way). It was pretty salt heavy.

I got out two eggs as I had read that eggs specifically work great for this experiment. You can try other items too {in pairs}. See some of the items we chose below.

Test each item by placing one gently in the fresh water measurer. What happens? Next, gently drop it’s pair into the salt water mixture. What happens?



So explaining salt water density to a preschooler is not the easiest task, but you can show that two things of similar size can weigh different amounts and that is what causes things to sink or float. Things that have a higher density may sink and things with a lower density may float.


Ok, so obviously we know that salt makes the water more dense allowing more types of objects float when they might not in fresh water. Fresh water is less dense so many things sink.


As the salt dissolves in the water, it adds mass (more weight to the water)! This makes the water more dense and thus allows more objects to float on the surface.

The best response from my son: Oh salt makes the water heavier than the other water and that’s why it floats! Works for me!

Salt Water Density Science Bouncy Balls


I like to let Liam examine and observe as long as he is interested. It’s hard to tell from these pictures but one ball sits slightly higher than the other. Can you guess which one? This is hard for Liam to notice on his own, but by helping him discover it by asking him questions about what he sees, he can now see it too! He can also tell you about it. Asking questions to get kids looking is a great idea rather than just telling them what you see!

Salt Water Density Experimentation with Egg

Salt Water Density Egg Experiment

The classic salt water density experiment is testing an egg in both fresh and salt water, so that is what we started with too. You know what, it worked. Liam guessed it would sink in both and I was feeling a bit skeptical myself! I got pictures to prove it!

Salt Water Density Experimentation with Objects

Salt Water Density Experiment with Objects

I picked out a few random objects to try for our salt water density activity . Some I figured would be too light and some too heavy. However, observing what doesn’t work is also great for reasoning skills and developing critical thinking skills. As he became more familiar with how the salt water worked, he could more easily predict what might float or sink. My favorite is the super hero!

Salt Water Density Experimentation with Food Coloring

Salt Water Density Food Coloring Experiment

To take salt water density a step further, I got out two clean mason jars, fresh water, salt and food coloring. I filled a mason jar half full of room temp water. I put a tiny amount of water in the second mason jar and mix in more salt. Liam squeezed in some food coloring. We observed the food coloring floating on top at first which was very cool. He them mixed it and took an eye dropper to squeeze some of the blue salt water into the fresh water mason jar. The blue salt water settled to the bottom. You could easily see the division.


Salt water density science experiment with floating egg

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