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Rocks and Minerals Resources

Rocks and Minerals Resources
Rocks and Minerals Resources

Geology Resources - Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones

My kids really love these monthly themed Calendar Connections with fun science and history facts. We chose rocks and minerals for August.

Calendar Connections Rocks and Minerals

Tori practiced her reading with this great rocks and minerals unit study from Currclick (link below)!

Reading about Rocks and Minerals

Tori loved seeing this huge crystal at Dorothy’s Glass Hut.

Big Crystal

All my kids loved Mummelsee and the rocky Mermaid statue.

Mummelsee Mermaid

We loved the pattern on this eroding rock at Mummelsee.

Eroding Rock at Mummelsee

Projects and Crafts:

  • Have fun with this edible rock project.
  • Make crystals.
  • Rock doodles project
  • Get crafty and make a pet rock! Be creative. Paint it, glue on googly eyes, and give it hair!
  • Celebrate Collect Rocks Day on September 16!
  • Go on a nature walk and collect pretty and intersting rocks to study. Look them up online or in a guide book. Discuss texture, color, class. My kids are obsessed with rocks and collect them wherever we go – cheap souvenirs! (Make sure it’s legal to take rocks wherever you are! Some places don’t like it.)


Notebooking and Printables:

Unit Studies and Learning Links:

Fun Field Trips Around the World:

See a list of Fee Mining and Digging Sites in the USA

Fun field trip ideas for rock hounds: museums, mines, archeological sites and digs, gold panning, canyons, gorges, waterfalls, rivers, creeks.


West and Southwest








More fun resources on my Geology Pinterest board:

What are your favorite tools to study geology?

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