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Removing Facial Hair

Removing Facial Hair
Removing Facial Hair

woman having facial hair removed

I've been getting laser hair removal for a while. I too am a freak of nature and shave my chin area 2x a day. My skin tone is fair and the hair on my chin is dark brown to red brown. I have lots of peach fuzz on my face and 10-15 stray dark brown hairs in the side burn area that i just pluck. When I used to pluck my chin hairs would get a lot of ingrowns and infections (like big pimples). So i started shaving. When i decided to get laser treatment i researched on the different types of laser machines used. I decided to go with a company that just does laser hair removal and has vested dollars to back their laser research. The machine that is used on me includes laser and radio frequency. The laser has a cooling plate which is helpful. I was told that facial hair is a little harder to treat because it is a hormonal area. I have seen some lightening and thinning, and still shave twice a day.

I get my full legs treated as well. I have hair from my ankles all the way up to my bikini line, inner thigh, and back of thighs. The top of my legs were always the most painful to shave because the hair was so thick. The hair on my legs are dark blonde-brown. I was told this was a little harder to treat because of the lack of pigment. I have had wonderful results with my legs. The hair has thinned, lightened, bald patches, etc. And it's easier to shave.

Pain----i had a hard time tolerating the pain. Not at first though. I was on a lower setting (for fair skin) and the settings gradually increased. There were times when i did cry. So.....I ordered a prescription numbing cream from Canada (with out a prescription) and it has helped dramatically. They should provide you with ice packs before/after treatment and a post-laser cream. I also take herbal relaxation pills because i get anxious about the treatment. An MP3 player has helped relax as well (leg treatments with a double pass can be 2 hours!).

Vaniqua does help, but you have to use it consistently. When I stopped using the cream, the hair came back. It's not permanent and there are some hairs that just won't go away.

Nair was always so harsh on my face and i had stubble after treatment plus it clogged my pores and i ended up with pimples. I could never stomach waxing. Too painful. Plus it doesn't make sense to me to rip something off my skin once a week. Would that cause wrinkles?

If you do decide to get treatment research the different types of lasers/machines used and the companies. Do they have just one type of machine, do they have a maintenance plan with their machines, do they have their own R&D into the machines? All they need is a doctor to run the operation and hire technicians that are trained on the machines. I opted not to go to a fancy place that can also do botox and a host of other treatments.

Also, try to not pluck as this will interfere with your laser treatment by retarding hair growth and the follicle.

I know that was a lot and hope that helps!

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