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Pumpkin Investigation Tray Pumpkin Science STEM

Pumpkin Investigation Tray Pumpkin Science STEM
Pumpkin Investigation Tray Pumpkin Science STEM

Pumpkin Investigation Tray fro Pumpkin Science and Fall STEM kids Activity

This pumpkin investigation tray for pumpkin science is a pretty awesome Fall STEM activity for young kids! There is so much to see, smell, and feel on this tray. Roast the pumpkin seeds like we did to taste science too! Get kids thinking and exploring!

Grab a pumpkin for a quick pumpkin investigation tray.

You don’t need to celebrate halloween to enjoy pumpkin science activities. We have pumpkin volcanos, pumpkin goop, preschool pumpkin unit, pumpkin geo boards, and even a LEGO pumpkin small world {must see}.

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To get started with a pumpkin investigation tray, you need only a few supplies! We used a large carving pumpkin, but a small baking pumpkin will work too. Plus you could cook the pumpkin and make a treat like our pumpkin bread. This is also science!




Tweezers or Tongs and Plastic Knife {if appropriate}

Magnifying Glass

Small Bowls


Pumpkin fine motor skills and science activity cutting pumpkin with knife

We worked on knife cutting skills with a plastic knife. Perfect fine motor practice for this pumpkin investigation science activity. I told hm we needed to prepare the materials for the tray like a scientist would!

Pumpkin Inveigation Science Observing with Magnifying Glass

We put all the pumpkin on the tray, set out small bowls, and also filled a bowl and our test tubes with water. Anything with water is fun for a science activity.

YOU CAN ALSO: Make a Pumpkin Sensory Bag with pumpkin insides.


Pumpkin Investigation Fine Motor Science

He used tongs to separate parts of the pumpkin and to place parts of the pumpkin in the water. What sinks and what floats? Can you estimate how many pumpkin seeds are in the pumpkin? Tongs like these also provide an opportunity to practice fine motor skills as part of a fun science activity!

Pumpkin Investigation Sorting Seeds

Sit with your kids or use the pumpkin investigation tray for independent exploration. I love to ask my son simple open-ended questions like what do you see? What does it feel like? What happens when…? There are so many ways to encourage curiosity during the pumpkin investigation.

Pumpkin Investigation Science

Easy and fun science activity for Fall STEM. Help kids explore the world.


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