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Preschool Magnet Science with Jingle Bells - Fun-A-Day!

Preschool Magnet Science with Jingle Bells - Fun-A-Day!
Preschool Magnet Science with Jingle Bells - Fun-A-Day!

Exploring with Preschool magnet science

add bells to preschool magnet science activities

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Materials we used

Jingle bells – red, green, large, small

Bar magnet (I’ve had ours forever, it’s like the one in this kit)

large Popsicle sticks

Mini round magnets

Set Up

I already had all of the materials on-hand, so it didn’t take long to set up! I put the jingle bells in a bamboo bowl, then placed the bowl on a wooden tray. Alongside the bowl, I placed some homemade magnetic wands and a bar magnet.

Ready for some preschool magnet science with jingle bells

The homemade magnetic wands were simple to make. I simply used a hot glue gun to affix circular magnets to the ends of large popsicle sticks. They’re very basic, but they work really well!

Preschool magnet science with jingle bells - trying to determine how many bells the magnets can pick up
Homemade magnetic wand with our jingle bells.

How the kids explored

Like I said above, the jingle bells and magnets were in our science center for 3 weeks starting December 1. So the kiddos had a lot of time to use the magnets in many different ways! To start with, the children just focused on the bells. They sorted the bells by color and by size, shook each and every one, and transferred the bells between various containers.

Then the children started exploring the magnets. They used the “wands” to pick up magnets, counting how many could fit on each side of the sticks. The kids got really excited when they realized the strength of the bar magnet! They created bell globs, seeing how many of the bells could fit on the bar magnet. After that, some took to making patterns and creations on the magnet, using the jingle bells.

Loading up magnets with jingle bells with a preschool magnet science activity
Jingle bells all around the kids’ little bar magnet.

My favorite discoveries to observe involved that same bar magnet. One of my boys realized he could see the magnet pull the jingle bells in. He stayed at the science center for almost an hour, testing how far away the magnet needed to be before it pulled the bells in. Other kiddos enjoyed filling up plastic containers with all of the bells. Then they’d place the bar magnet on the outside and use the magnet as a “handle” to lift the containers full of bells!

Simple and educational preschool magnet science with jingle bells

Any preschool magnet science activities you and the kiddos have enjoyed recently? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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