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Plastic Lid Planets

Plastic Lid Planets
Plastic Lid Planets

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The recycled material for this month's Project Recycle & Create is plastic lids! We had friends collecting for us so we quickly acquired quite the collection. Before crafting with them we played with them in the bath. The kids sorted, stacked, built, and stirred them in the tub.

I used my embossing heat gun to warm the plastic lids before we used the crayons to draw on them. Planets like Jupiter that have striations of color were easy to do. Heat the lid a bit at a time and then draw your stripes directly on the warm plastic.

I would reheat planets like Neptune with its swirly storms to remelt and move around the crayon wax to create the marbled effect.

Saturn is a Play-Doh lid and it melted from the heat but I added rubber band rings that coved the hole right up. Use caution and cover your work surface when heating certain types of plastic lids!

Original article and pictures take http://www.stillplayingschool.com/2014/05/recycled-solar-system.html site

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