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My Go To Makeup Products for Oily Skin

My Go To Makeup Products for Oily Skin
My Go To Makeup Products for Oily Skin

The best makeup products for oily & acne prone skin! A must pin for those who want makeup to last all day without getting oily & without causing breakouts

Mascara [here] Lorac Matte Primer [here] Mario Bedescu lotion [here] Translucent setting powder [here] Eye shadow pallet [here] Lancome Powder foundation [here] Laura Mercier Loose setting powder [here] Tarte Waterproof bronzer [here] Dip brow pommade [here] Eye liner [here] Tarte blush [here] beauty blender [here] Lorac concealer [here]

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Today’s post is SO DIFFERENT than any other post I usually do, but it’s something I’m super passionate about. I love makeup. I enjoy trying new products & finding some “holy grail” products as they say in the beauty community. I am by no means a makeup expert, but I’ve tried enough products & use them often enough to have an educated opinion on them. Something very important to note is that I have very oily skin. Yup, I was blessed with skin that likes to get shiny & produce lots of oil even on the coldest of days, so there is that. ALSO another little blessing is that my skin is sensitive & likes to break out even though I am 28 years old & supposedly past that terrible puberty skin everyone talks about. Nope. Certain makeup will make my oily skin breakout & that is why this is kind of awesome because if you have sensitive oily skin like me I am here today to tell you what products work for my skin & what makeup lasts throughout the day for me without me looking like bacon grease at the end of the day. Another thing to note is that I do not wear all these products at once or everyday, these are just some of my favorites that I wear often. For example I shared 4 different powders, I do not wear them all at once, but some days I will wear one or mix two together if that makes sense. I did a skincare post a few years ago [here] that COMPLETELY changed my skin and my life for the better & I know it helped so many people clear their skin up so I thought maybe sharing my makeup as well will be a big help too for those of you who do not have perfect skin just like me. I will be doing an updated skincare routine very soon as well & sharing my makeup products more often in hopes to share the best with you. I try a lot of products so you might as well use me as a guinea pig right? These are a few of my best makeup products for 0ily Skin, but of course I will be trying more in the future & giving you updated reviews.


My tiny overview of some of the products:

Lancome 24 Hour foundation: Seriously my favorite foundation! I apply it with a damp beauty blender & it goes on lightweight with buildable coverage. This stuff lasts all day & also doesn’t clog my pores, get oily, & best of all it doesn’t break me out.

Dip brow pommade: My go to eyebrow filler. It’s waterproof & helps me fill in those bare parts of my brows that I decided to pluck in the 6th grade. It basically covers up some of my bad life decisions which is pretty awesome.

Tarte Waterproof bronzer [here]: I LOVE this matte bronzer [and the shimmer version of this as a blush] I use it on my cheek bones, forehead, & chin to add some color to my face since I don’t tan & it really lasts all day. It’s not orange & it gives a more natural bronzing effect.

Lorac Matte Primer: I just found this face primer & I am obsessed. A foundation primer is such a great thing for oily skin people because it helps your foundation go on smoother & last longer, but some primers can cause bad breakouts because their ingredients clog pores. This primer is mattifying & perfect for sensitive skin. It’s pretty amazing & hasn’t caused me any breakouts.. win!

Mario Bedescu lotion: I included my favorite daytime lotion because makeup looks best with properly moisturized skin. Also, if you don’t moisturize, your skin thinks it needs to produce more oil which is no bueno for us oily skinned people. This moisturizer has spf, is oil free, & great for sensitive skin. I’ve used it for years & I love it so much.

Loose setting powder [here]: This laura mercier loose setting powder is great for under your eyes & I also apply this with a beauty blender . It brightens & really sets your foundation well!

Translucent setting powder [here]: I use this one all over my face & so far I love it! It is one of the newer products I’m using & It truly does hide your pores while setting your makeup. I will update this in a later post.

Lorac concealer: I love this concealer for under my eyes. I buy it in one shade lighter to brighten under my eyes & cover those dark circles caused from me blogging late at night. I apply this with my beauty blender to really even it out and blend it. Love this concealer!


I know these are all kind of higher end products, but honestly as I get older I have realized that a lot of drug store products tend to break out my sensitive skin so I have invested more in any thing I put on my face. Also, a great tip with stores like Ulta & Sephora, their return policy is wonderful! If you do not like an item after trying it they are great at letting you return the product so you can try something new. Also, another great thing about ulta or sephora is that they will color match you in the store & also give you some great insight on the products. I hope this post helps you guys in some small way & again these products work great for me but we all have different skin. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for sharing it with your friends & family. It means so much to me! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to see behind the scenes. xx

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Seriously sweat proof makeup! The best makeup products for oily & acne prone skin! A must pin for those who want makeup to last all day without getting oily & without causing breakouts

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