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LEGO Computer Coding STEM Activities for Kids

LEGO Computer Coding STEM Activities for Kids
LEGO Computer Coding STEM Activities for Kids

LEGO Computer Coding

LEGO Computer Coding Makes Learning Exciting

Computer coding with LEGO® is a great introduction to the world of coding using a favorite building toy. Yes, you can teach young kids about computer coding, especially if they are highly interested in computers and how they work. My son was astounded to hear that a person actually wrote/designed the Minecraft game. We even had to use the iPad to look up more about this guy. With the realization that my son could very well make his own game someday, he was pretty interested to learn more about computer coding.

How can you combine computer coding and LEGO®?

There are a few ways you can combine computer coding with LEGO® for the younger crowd or depending on the skill level. My son is kindergarten age, and is also highly interested to learn more at this time. You can test out the world of computer coding on and off the computer.

Bits and Bricks, LEGO® Hour of Code

I was introduced to the Bits and Bricks Campaign, an online computer coding game made by LEGO®. It is part of the Hour of Code initiative aimed towards kids as young as 5 and 6 to get them excited about computer coding. Hour of Code is a global project reaching millions of kids. You can find many versions of Hour of Code to try out. Of course, the LEGO® lovers that we are, we enjoyed working with Bit the Bot.


Play Around With The ASCII Binary Alphabet

Our computers don’t read the letter A like we read the letter A. The computer has a special code called the binary alphabet where each letter, both upper and lower case is assigned a set of numbers containing 1’s and 0’s. My son first encountered this at school, but it was an activity for an older grade. He was curious so I read up on the binary alphabet here and showed him how it worked. Mom has some learning do too! We made a computer coding Christmas ornament. You can also take a base plate and LEGO® bricks and play around with the binary code.

Click on photo to download and print this sheet.

1= White 0= Blue

ASCII Binary Alphabet Coding for Kids Activity-4

Lego Computer Coding Binary Alphabet

Build Mini LEGO® Robots

LEGO computer coding doesn’t have to be just about the computer. Grab a bin of LEGO® pieces including the neat, super tiny pieces and see if you can make your Bit the Bot from Bricks and Bits. Can you use your LEGO® bits to make a robot.

Mini LEGO Robots STEAM

Create a DIY LEGO® Coding Game

You have a robot made, now make a coding game for it. Create a world with obstacles. Make movement cards including forward, right turn, and left turn. Set a challenge with a start and a finish and code your Bot to get through the obstacle. lay out the direction cards to plot the robots movement than try out your code and see if you are right! Create a new challenge and try again. It’s a fun way to play with code and LEGO®!

LEGO Computer Coding for Kids DIY Game with Bit the Bot

These fun ideas for LEGO® computer coding activities are a great introduction to computer coding with and without the computer. Young kids can learn to code. Parents can learn about code too. Try computer coding with LEGO®! You will love it!

LEGO Computer Coding for Play and Learning



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