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Human Body Videos for Kids - Primary Theme Park

Human Body Videos for Kids - Primary Theme Park
Human Body Videos for Kids - Primary Theme Park

KidsHealth.org is an amazing human body resource for young learners. The site has videos, articles, and activities about the body. This muscular system video is one of their many videos. It’s a great intro to muscles and how they work.

This video is animated, but goes more in-depth about how muscles work. It explains the difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles, as well as the three types of muscles.

I’m a HUGE fan of SciShow for Kids. Their videos are outstanding! This video describes how the muscles, bones, and nervous system all work together to help us move.

The Bones and Skeletal System

StoryBots are another favorite of mine. Their catchy songs teach quality content without kids even realizing it. Students will love this song about the bones.

“The foot bone’s connected to leg bone”…This fun song has been around for a long time and kids today will still enjoy it!

SciShow for Kids packs a lot of interesting facts about bones and the skeleton in this short four-minute video.

The Brain and Nervous System

This StoryBots’ song about the brain is great way to learn basic nervous system facts.

KidsHealth.org shares about the different parts of the brain and their functions in this video.

This video explains how challenges help our brain grow. (Growth mindset, anyone?!) After watching the video, give your students’ brains a workout by having them complete several challenges like write with the opposite hand, say the alphabet backwards, or draw an object with their eyes closed.

Heart and Circulatory System

Another StoryBots’s song that will help students learn a basic understanding of the heart and circulatory system.

This SciShow for Kids video about the heart is a great introduction or review of how the heart works and how blood circulates through the body.

At a little over six minutes, this KidsHealth.org video gives an overview of the circulatory system and goes into greater detail about the heart. It talks about the exact path of blood through the heart, as well as provides information about the different chambers and valves in the heart.

This video is neat because it is told from the point of view of an animated drop of blood. The blood droplet explains what happens as it travels through the circulatory system.

Lungs and Respiratory System

Another fun Storybots’ song about the human body. It explains basic respiration, as well as how we use our lungs for things like playing an instrument.

KidsHealth.org provides another great video about how our lungs work.

Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching has some really fun songs for students. This respiratory system song provides lots of repetition and rhyme to help students remember the concepts. The lyrics appear on the screen throughout the video. This video is almost three minutes long and might be better for third grade and above.

Stomach and Digestive System

I love that the Storybots’ song about the digestive system is titled “Food Into Energy”. It helps students’ understand the main reason we need food- for energy!

KidsHealth.org gives a fun, animated look at digestion as the characters take a trip through the digestive system.

This Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching is so cute and kids will love it! Lots of repetition and funny words will have students singing this catchy digestion song in no time.

Kidneys and Urinary System

When we studied the human body, I had a hard time finding videos and books about the urinary system that are appropriate for young learners. Here are two videos that do a really nice job of presenting it to kids:

KidsHealth.org provides a perfect explanation of how the urinary system works.

Make Me Genius gives another overview of the urinary system that young students will understand.

General Human Body

This five-minute video provides a brief introduction to all the major body systems.

These videos are just a small portion of the videos I’ve collected. When we studied the human body, I spent HOURS searching YouTube for the best human body videos for kids. I’ve watched all of them to make sure they’re great quality and appropriate for young students. I suggest you preview the videos before you show them to make sure they’re a good fit for your students.

Human Body Videos for Kids found on YouTube that are perfect to incorporate into your human body unit.

You can find over 50 human body videos for kids on my playlist below. The videos are grouped together by body systems. The videos are perfect for introducing body systems, using as a review, for early finishers, or as a center activity. I hope these videos are a meaningful addition to your unit!

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