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Hubble Bubble, Children's Potion Making Activity - Kids Craft Room

Hubble Bubble, Children's Potion Making Activity - Kids Craft Room
Hubble Bubble, Children's Potion Making Activity - Kids Craft Room

Magic Potion Making! A fun science activity for kids.

There are no set “ingredients” for a potion making activity. We simply give our kitchen cupboards and pantry a good clean out of anything stale, past its sell by date or stuff that I know I can cheaply spare like a handful of cornflakes.

I lay everything out on the kitchen table with a big mixing bowl and some simple tools like a pestle and mortar, wooden spoons, funnels and sieves.

My kids always have a wonderful time creating concoctions so foul they’d fit happily into any Roald Dahl story.

Inventing Fun Ingredient Names For Your Potion Making Activity

It’s really fun to think of potion like names for all the ingredients…They grind up beetles (pumpkin seeds), stir in butterfly eggs (quinoa), pour in fly poo (poppy seeds), toss in maggots (suet) and chop up dried worms (noodles) to their hearts’ content!

For a really exciting touch to our potion making activity I love to give the kids some bicarbonate soda and vinegar as they adore the way it froths and bubbles!

Magic Potion Making! A fun science exploration for kids.

Potion Making Activity Science

There’s loads of science in this potion making activity that the children can get to experience first hand and explore; floating and sinking, material properties, changing materials, solids, liquids and gases, absorption, solutions and saturation. If you are happy to let them keep their potion for a few days they can even look at evaporation too.

My kids have loved hubble bubbling a happy hour or so on this activity on many occasions, it gives them a great way to learn and experiment and of course is a wonderful imaginative play experience too!

So why not give your cupboards a clear up and let the kids work some magic!

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