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How to Plant Peonies so they Bloom!

How to Plant Peonies so they Bloom!
How to Plant Peonies so they Bloom!

How to Plant Peonies - planting care and tips so your peonies give you tons of gorgeous flowers kellyelko.com


I’ve dreamed of planting them for years but some unknown force was trying to keep me and my precious flowers apart.

Not anymore – I’ve finally fulfilled my peony dream (similar to my dream of growing amazing hydrangeas).

I wanted to do this right so I picked the brain of experts at the garden center on how to plant peonies so they bloom like this!

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Then I used my favorite affiliate vintage style bread box as a vase.

How gorgeous is this peony arrangement - check out her tips for peony planting and care kellyelko.com

There are three types of peonies: herbaceous, intersectional and tree.

I have herbaceous peonies – the most well known type.

My tips below are for herbaceous peonies only.

These Sarah Bernhardt peonies are gorgeous and she has such great tips and tricks for planting and caring for peonies kellyelko.com

How to Grow Peonies

Like all perennials, peonies often take a few years to produce flowers. It could take two to three years for your peony to bloom.

Hint: If you want instant gratification, don’t buy bare root peonies. I bought two-gallon container plants and they bloomed a few weeks after planting.

There is nothing better than a house filled with freshly cut peonies! Love these great peony growing tips and tricks kellyelko.com

* Plant in early spring or fall.

* Choose a spot that gets at least five hours of full sun (more is even better and more sun = more blooms).

* Space peonies three feet apart.

* Dig hole twice as wide as the root ball but only 1/2 inch deeper.

* Add one part peat moss to three parts soil.

* When planting peonies, it’s all about depth. Too deep and the little shoots near the root won’t get the necessary “winter chill” which makes it impossible for them to produce flower buds.

* Make sure that the top of the root and the shoots are planted no more than 1/2 inch below the soil and that the base of the plant is not covered with mulch.

* Peonies have a tendency to flop from the weight of their blooms so stake your peony with a when to cut peonies for lasting blooms.

Love this gorgeous pink peony arrangement in a bread box! Check out her great tips for growing peonies kellyelko.com

Don’t procrastinate like I did.

Plant some peonies today – they will bring happiness to your garden and your home and will make you richer and thinner (well, maybe not the last two).

P.S. these are Sarah Bernhardt peonies

P.P.S. I love my enamel bread box

P.P.P.S. see my tips on caring for hydrangeas so they bloom!

P.P.P.P.S. owl cookie jar from Anthro years ago – similar HERE

Check out my post on cutting peonies here.

Original article and pictures take http://eclecticallyvintage.com/2015/06/how-to-plant-peonies-peony-care/ site

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