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How to Have Fun With Water Science Experiments

How to Have Fun With Water Science Experiments
How to Have Fun With Water Science Experiments

How to have fun with water science experiments! 5 rules to follow. Plus awesome experiments to do with your kids. p.s. you are all going to get wet and your kids are going to learn a lot!

How to Have Fun with Water Science Experiments

So . . . I am not a big rule person but in order to have a great time while doing these science experiments you need to follow these easy rules. Note: The rules are for adults, not kids

  • Rule #1: Don’t be afraid to get wet. Let them squirt you. You squirt them. Splash and throw water around.
  • Rule #2: The outcome doesn’t matter as much as the experience, so be flexible. Don’t get caught up in making sure everything goes perfectly. It doesn’t have to.
  • Rule #3: Don’t explain everything. You can mention a bit of the science behind the experiments if you like but don’t make it long and boring! Let them learn and discover what happens on their own.
  • Rule #4: Don’t interrupt their ideas. Don’t stop them from doing their own experiments just so you can complete the one you started with. They are likely to learn more if you go with the flow. A little water humor for ya there
  • Rule #5: Have fun! These ideas are fun. Enjoy yourself. Play with them. Learn something new. Make memories.

They are playing, having fun, and learning a lot about water and its properties. That is what matters.

Awesome water science experiments that your kids are going to LOVE. Guaranteed fun learning time ahead. Click to see the experiments.

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Water Science Experiments

Here are six awesome water science experiments for you and your kids to try!

1. This physics water experiment is great. I mean GREAT! It has open-ended elements which is why I like it so much. Take some pvc pipe, connectors, and water. Add in curiosity and you have a wonderful project. Be sure to try this one. It is fun for kids of all ages. Water Science with PVC Pipes.

2. Here is a post that offers several science experiments with water that are all done with everyday household objects (love that!) Includes: sink and float, see if you can float an egg, bubble of air in a cup etc. Easy Water Science.

3. Be sure to take a close look at their neat water setup. I really like to give kids a place to work so if you can do something similar to this, go for it. Included here are a couple of experiments that they did. One includes combining floating and sinking items to see what happens and another has to do with measuring the amount of water objects will hold.

Try: , for more fun ideas.

4. Experimenting with water displacement is a classic. Everyone likes it and you can use all types of things to play around with this concept. Take a look at what they did but be sure to provide a lot of different containers and a lot of items to put into them for even more fun.

5. Run a trickle of water, take one balloon, create some static electricity and see what happens to the water stream. If you are looking for a simple water experiment, this is the one for you.

6. You have to do this if you have never done it before! If you have done it before – do it again. This is a seriously cool water science experiment that kids never get tired of and it is sooo easy. Be sure to plan on getting wet and by that I mean go ahead and try the experiment and then have a lot of fun with that hole-filled bag.

These experiments ought to keep everyone busy learning. Parents, don’t forget to follow the “how to have fun with water science experiments” rules above for maximum enjoyment!

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