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How to Get Cool Hair Using Your Pinky - Man Repeller

How to Get Cool Hair Using Your Pinky - Man Repeller
How to Get Cool Hair Using Your Pinky - Man Repeller

So easy it pokes

Cool, man.

It’s such a tricky word. It can mean almost anything. Including cold. Which is obviously very different from hot. Which can mean popular. Which is something we aim to achieve on an off-beat, personal level. Which might not make sense when you try to make sense of it, but like cool, can also mean whatever you want it to mean.

Today, let’s marry “cool” to “hair.” Cool hair is hard to explain if you’ve never seen it but my guess is that you have. Specifically, I might add, if you’ve ever subscribed to J. Crew’s catalogue. It’s the ‘do that defines the look as opposed to the other way around — the insouciantly-worn strands that look so natural, it’s impossible to believe they were anything more or less than an afterthought but which ultimately inform the entire attitude exuded in but one, succinct look.

We’ve touched upon turtleneck hair and considered baby-hairs. We’ve talked 60’s hair, awkward hair and through it all have wanted to convey only one viewpoint: that cool hair is what you make it. In the winter that might mean errant strands everywhere and low buns covered by scarves, but when the swelter starts and we’re almost-just-kidding-not-really half-naked, cool hair might seem more difficult to execute.

As such, we come bearing gifs to help build your topknot, low pony or down-do. Or all! The best part? It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short or curly or straight, all that matters is, as hinted by the post’s title, that you have operating pinkies.

Watch and learn.

The top-knot:

For this look, you’re going to fasten hair at the crown of your head by twirling it into a ballet-style bun. Wrap loosely in an elastic band then with your pinky, pull strands from the area above your ears. Caught an extra strand that’s too long? Twist that baby back up into your bun.


Here, you’ll want to secure a tight ponytail at the back of your head while leaving the front parted in the middle. Once you’ve tied your hair, pull apart the tail to tighten, then use your fingers to scruff-up the back of your head to create what I’ll call a crown-poof. Once that’s done, pull out your fancy-pants pinky and as if you were combing your hair behind your hair, pull strands out as demonstrated below:


The down-do:

This one is so easy it hurts. Just wear your hair down, parted either to the middle or the side. With either a stunt-hand or your own (depending on how lazy or proactive you are), pop that pinky out and in one fell swoop, have it travel from mid-forehead length to behind your ear, leaving pieces to meander in front of your ear.


Woah! I almost didn’t recognize you, Emma Hager. You look so…cool.

Featured Photo via Lula Magazine

Want more hair tips? Rita Ora’s hairstylist is weighing in on how to care for your curls. We also have a thing or two to say about hair-brushing. Bad hair day? You could also just stick your hair in a hat, that always works. I wonder if OITNB’s Piper Chapman would add a hat to the fantastic ensemble we concocted for her.

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