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HEXBUG Activity Ideas - Science Sparks

HEXBUG Activity Ideas - Science Sparks
HEXBUG Activity Ideas - Science Sparks

Hexbug pen art

HEXBUG challenged us to take the idea and make it bigger, this is what happened.

The children LOVED creating the giant piece of artwork and hearing them giggle away was well worth the hour taping paper to the floor!

Just a few of my happy helpers ready to go.

Hexbug Project

These are our spinning pens, we did have a few escapee HEXBUGS, but they just added to the fun ( and chaos ).


Almost ready to go!

DSC_3262 (1)

The finished project. If we’d had more time I think the children would’ve loved turning the squiggles into funny doodle monsters or maybe a giant dot to dot. There are so many possibilities, I can’t wait to do it again.

Giant hexbug art

Hexbug art

More HEXBUG Activity Ideas

These vibrating HEXBUG Ninjas and Minions are super simple to make and the creative opportunities almost endless.

How about making a HEXBUG track with LEGO or tubes?

Try making a maze with LEGO or building blocks. Can you think of anything else to use?


A big thank you to HEXBUG for sending us lots of lovely HEXBUGS for this project.

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