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First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle

First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle
First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle

Create first a good habit, next push on to create a good lifestyle.

I do not know how accurate 21 days and 90 days are in terms of creating a habit and lifestyle respectively. But I do agree that you definitely need consistency and time to create it. We often heard saying like, “from now on, I will change in this and that…”, but come the week after, he is back to his former self. Not forgetting a few weeks, he repeats the same cycle again. These are typical cases where years later, he is still the same old self.

Creating a good habit/lifestyle can be in terms of being more hardworking in his/her work, be more health conscious in their diet, or simply relationship building with your loved ones. Take the effort, time and CONSISTENCY to build it up to be part of your lifestyle. Or else, as times moves by, you might not be moving at all.

Original article and pictures take https://fitnessthree60.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/first-a-habit-next-a-lifestyle/ site

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