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DIY Constellation Projector

DIY Constellation Projector
DIY Constellation Projector

Study the stars with your preschooler! Learn how to turn your phone into a simple DIY constellation projector with our FREE printable constellation cards. Part of our Studying Stars series for Preschoolers. | Preschool | STEAM | STEM | Kids Activities | Stars | Space | For Kids | Learning through Play |

While our study of the stars started with books about stars for kids, nothing can replace the learning experience of hands-on play. So after reading to learn the stories behind the constellations, the girls were ecstatic about recreating some to shine on the walls!

The Stories Behind Constellations

First, we read a few stories about constellations appropriate for preschoolers. I especially love Glow in the Dark Constellations – mostly because I remember it from my own childhood. And of course the girls loved it because the constellation formations actually glow in the dark, making it a fun bedtime experience!

DIY Constellation Projector Supplies

To project your own constellations, you only need a few simple supplies.

Constellation Cards-1


PGPB Printable Constellation Cards

Light source: Smart Phone, Flash Light

Push pins

Toilet paper roll


Styrofoam or cardboard

Cost: Free to less than $5

Prep Time: Less than 5 minutes

Clean-Up Time:Less than 5 minutes

With the benefit of a little trial and error, I quickly discovered that using my iPhone as the flash light worked much better than a cheap flash light. You want your light source to have as concentrated a beam as possible, also known as collimated light, so it remains focused points of light when projected through your constellation cards. Otherwise, you get more dispersed light with halos instead of concentrated points of light.

Constellation Cards-8

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Projecting Constellations

To project your own constellations, first print out the constellation cards. I recommend printing them on cardstock. It will hold up better to manipulation by little hands and block light better for projecting as well. Next, place the print out on top of a piece of Styrofoam or cardboard to protect your working surface. Then, give your child a push pin and instruct them to poke holes at each dot in the constellation formations.

Constellation Cards-4

This was a great fine motor skill challenge for both girls! Yes, even my 2 year old could do it… love that little look of concentration!

Constellation Cards-5

Once your holes are punched, cut out the circle cards and affix them with tape to the top of a toilet paper roll.

Constellation Cards-6

Last, tape the toilet paper roll to your light source and project your constellation formations on the wall. We did ours in the dining room where we have dark walls for the greatest effect!

Constellation Project Cards Collage
Which constellation is your favorite?

Constellation Cards-12

Make Your Own Constellations

For some added fun, the girls wanted to create their own star formations. You can also get a blank template for your kids to design their own constellations too! Draw your formation, then follow same directions above.

Constellation Cards-11

Are your kids fascinated by the stars? If you enjoyed this post, be sure to save your printable constellation cards and DIY projector set-up, because you will need it for the next activities in the series coming up next week: Glow in the Dark Constellation Cards! You can follow along with our Studying the Stars series here. You might also enjoy our other STEAM activities for kids, including the Architecture and Engineering for Kids series and Art History for Preschool activities.

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