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Color and Light Experiments with a Light Box - Teach Beside Me

Color and Light Experiments with a Light Box - Teach Beside Me
Color and Light Experiments with a Light Box - Teach Beside Me

Light and color experiments with a light box - STEM Ed

How to Make a Light Box:

There are a few supplies you will need for this project.

How to To Make the Light Box:

I covered my box in black paper just to look better, it is definitely not necessary. At one end, you need to cut a hole in the box that will fit the light bulb and cord. The bulb will be inside the box, so you will want there to be enough space so it is not touching any sides of the box. This could start a fire!

How To Make the Colored Slides:


I used popsicle sticks, tape and colored cellophane for this. For the solid colored ones, you just make a frame with the sticks and some glue. Let them dry and then tape on the cellophane. Glue does not hold it on. We tried an orange and a purple one by doing double layers, but you could easily mix colors by placing two frames together.


For the multicolored frame, you will need to make the square frame then add additional popsicle sticks going through the center. Then tape the separate colors to each section. I did it with red blue and green.

I also made a pinhole frame and one with a small slit in the center. These were done with black construction paper so only a small section of light can come through. It helps pinpoint light to specific places.


Color and Light Experiments with the Light Box:

Now comes the fun part! Try experimenting with prisms, different colors of light and mirrors. Find a dark place to do this so it will work better. I laid out a white sheet so we could really see the color and light well.

For this image below we used the slide with a small slit in the center and a prism. We could direct the light by turning the prism. Add in some mirrors to reflect the light different ways, too. You will need a few hands involved!

light box and prism experiment

For this one, we used the three-colored slide and three prisms. It was so cool to see the colored light divide out. My kids were fascinated by this one!


We loved the multi-colored slide a lot!


As you can see that seems to be what we played with the most!


We were having way too much fun with the color and light experiments! You have got to try it out!

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