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Celine Aagaard

Celine Aagaard
Celine Aagaard

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It would be an understatement to say we’re Scandinavian style enthusiasts. But then again—who isn’t?! From Ikea (the great equalizer) to the hearts-for-eyes-inducing Acne Studios, Scandinavians innately know design. Which is precisely what drew us to Envelope.no’s founder Celine Aagaard in the first place. Envelope.no is a kind of digital lifestyle site that spans beauty, travel, food and fashion, BTW.

Aagaard is the queen of all that defines design from that part of the world—so-clean-it-hurts lines, a monochromatic palette, a deep love of the classics with an appetite for out-of-the-box accessories that kick things up a notch (or several). While we know Aagard for her work in the digital space, it turns out that prior to touching Wordpress, Aagaard put in her time as the Editor-in-Chief of Norway's STYLEmag and STYLEInterior.

Original article and pictures take http://coveteur.com/2016/11/04/celine-aagaard-closet-envelope-no-founder/ site

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