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Build A Bridge for 21 Elephants

Build A Bridge for 21 Elephants
Build A Bridge for 21 Elephants

Do you know the story of the Brooklyn Bridge? This fun book for kids tells the tale featuring PT Barnum, a circus and 21 elephants. It also inspired this week's Engineering Science for Kids challenge - build a bridge to hold 21 elephants! A great STEM / STEAM activity for preschoolers and elementary aged students

Twenty One Elephants and Still Standing tells the true story of the fourteen year construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, in easy-to-read verse with gorgeous, full page illustrations.

Once the bridge was completed, it linked Brooklyn and New York City. But many were intimidated by its size, worried about its strength and questioned how long it would stand. P.T. Barnum, the creator of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, decided to stage a public spectacle to prove the bridge’s integrity. He planned a circus in Brooklyn and marched his elephants, all 21 of them, through Manhattan and across the bridge to Brooklyn!

Engineering Science for Kids Challenge

For our Architecture and Engineering Activity this week, after reading the story, I gave Big M (age 4) a tray full of assorted recyclables and household objects and challenged her to build a bridge for 21 elephants. Our supply set up included the following.

Engineering Science for Kids - Build a Bridge for Twenty One Elephants

The elephants for our challenge came from a set of jungle-themed counters from Learning Resources… and you might notice, some of our elephants don’t have trunks because they are actually hippos!

I let Big M take the lead on constructing with the materials, and she opted to use the cups and popsicle sticks to build her bridge.

Engineering Science for Kids - Build a Bridge for Twenty One Elephants-2
When she could only get 3-4 across, she started building up…

Engineering Science for Kids - Build a Bridge for Twenty One Elephants-4
… but found it a little wobbly, and opted for adding lanes instead.

Engineering Science for Kids - Build a Bridge for Twenty One Elephants-6

In addition to engineering science, this also made for great counting practice. At age 4, she’s working on counting to and beyond 20. She’s pretty good up to about 15 before she starts to stumble. So we worked on counting all the elephants/hippos every time she added one more. Until, finally – all 21 were in place!

Engineering Science for Kids - Build a Bridge Three Lanes Wide

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I am super excited to be part of the month-long Storybook Science series hosted by Inspiration Laboratories. Check out all the activities this week featuring Engineering, and all the book-inspired science all month long!

storybook science square

Build a Bridge - Engineering Science for Kids

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