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Baking Soda Science Experiments for Kids - From ABCs to ACTs

Baking Soda Science Experiments for Kids - From ABCs to ACTs
Baking Soda Science Experiments for Kids - From ABCs to ACTs

Forget the simple baking soda and vinegar reactions, these 10 baking soda science experiments are SO much cooler!

10 Fun and Easy Baking Soda Science Experiments for Kids

Think your milk is only good for your morning cereal? Think again! Now you can make it explode!

And speaking of making things explode, paint your driveway with this cool chemical reaction!

Of course, vinegar’s not the only liquid that reacts with baking soda! This experiment shows you what happens when you combine it with the juices of citrus fruits.

Can’t wait for winter? Grab the baking soda and make your own snow whenever you want!

Feeling a little more old school? Enjoy the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment with a cool twist and learn all about primary and secondary colors at the same time.

Or practice your measuring skills with this version of the baggie experiment.

Ever wonder what an elephant’s toothpaste would look like? With a few common household ingredients, you can find out!

Feel like adding a little sensory play into the mix? Start with this awesome rainbow baking soda dough and then let it fizz!

Or mix it up with one of your favorite summer time drinks in this awesome Kool-Aid experiment!

Who says you can’t play with your food?! While making electric eels you can!

Blowing up balloons can be exhausting! Let science lend you hand and let this reaction experiment do all of the work for you!

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