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Apple Science Experiment

Apple Science Experiment
Apple Science Experiment

Preschool apple science experiment

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The Materials

This science experiment focused on how different liquids affect apples. My son and I used liquids we already had on hand, but I’m sure other liquids would work well, too.

Apple science experiment

The Experiment

To set up the experiment, we set out five containers with a few apple pieces in each one. We labeled the five containers with the name of the liquids we were going to use.

Once everything was set up, we poured the appropriate liquids into each cup. We also set up a “control” cup of apple pieces without any liquid. Then it was time to wait.

apples in liquid science experiment preschool

After a few hours, we checked on our apples and talked about our observations. Record observations on the Recording Sheet if you choose*.

The control apples had started to oxidize, as had the apples in soda. The apples in the vinegar had little brown spots, too. The apples in the water looked like they had oxidized a tiny bit in comparison to their original state, but not much.

(Oxidizing happens when the apples come in contact with the oxygen in the air and begin to react, turning brown.)

Apple in vinegar Science Experiment

In the lemon juice and the tonic water, though, we found apples that hadn’t oxidized. This observation led my son to doing some research about these two liquids. Lemon juice contains asorbic acid, while tonic water contains citric acid – both of which are known to prevent oxidation in apples.

My son and I did this experiment together over the summer. He likes to help me “test” activities before I try them in my classroom. This activity would be perfect during center time, when I can engage with small groups.

Early Learning Concepts

This simple, fun apple science experiment touches on many early learning concepts. Below are a few:

  • Counting – counting the apple pieces that go into each bowl
  • Writing – children can help label each container
  • Scientific process – ask a question, experiment, observe, and record
  • Vocabulary – use different words to describe observations

BIO: Mary Catherine is mama to one and preschool teacher to many. She has over ten years’ experience in early childhood education, teaching kindergarten and pre-k. Mary Catherine writes about meaningful early learning at Fun-A-Day. You can also find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to pop over to her apple-themed activities and her apple Pinterest board for more ideas.

*The Apple Science Experiment Record Sheet is also available as a free printable on Fun-A-Day.

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