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All About Anastasia Beverly Hills

All About Anastasia Beverly Hills
All About Anastasia Beverly Hills


Too many years ago when I was training as a Makeup Artist in Cali, I was introduced to a “little brand” called Anastasia Beverly Hills. I remember my teacher taking me to visit their Flagship store and telling me if I only kept two brow products in my kit they should be Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers and their brilliant Universal Brow Pencil. I still swear by those tweezers today! The brow pencil, well, it’s since been replaced with an entire collection of brow perfecting tools along with at least a dozen must-have beauties from the recently launched color collections. Obvi a lot has changed over the years, but one thing holds true, there’s not a makeup artist I know who doesn’t love Anastasia Beverly Hills, and after reading this post I hope you’ll love it too!


Let’s start with brows. For anyone new to the game, interested in finding their ideal shape, or thinking about a career as a makeup artist, I recommend starting with the Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 Element Brow Kit. It’s packed with all the essentials you’ll need to shape, shade and finish a perfect pair of face-framing arches, including – Tweezers, five different stencils to make finding and faking your furrow easy, a Brow Powder Duo, double-ended Mini Angle and Spooley Brow Brush, and Clear Brow Gel to keep everything in place. Amaze, right!?!?! It really is a “change your life” kind of purchase! Once you’re hooked, add Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW to the mix. I was a complete brow powder devotee until I tried this product! Its waterproof formula, won’t budge or smear on the hottest, most humid NYC day, and it’s even made a few of my friends with oily skin believe there’s finally a brow product that works for them. My only caution, a little goes a very long way and the color is so richly pigmented (like all Anastasia Beverly Hills products) that I recommend starting with a shade lighter than what you might typically use.


Next on the list of coveted Anastasia Beverly Hills products, her Contour Kits of course! Whether you’re wish is to create more chiseled cheekbones, give your jawline added definition, or visually change the shape or your nose, eyes, you name it, a Contour Kit is the way to go. Each palette comes with six highlighting and contouring shades in either a Powder Formula or our exclusive Cream Formula. And from a Makeup Artist’s perspective, I have to say these palettes are THE BEST! Why? The palette itself is lightweight and super slim, so it’s easy to carry and pack multiples in a kit, both the Powder and Cream Contour Kits come in a full range of shades to complement every skin tone, and replacements are sold as singles, so it’s easy to refill only the one or two you’ll inevitable run out of first. As for my preference of Powder versus Cream, the jury is still out on that…


Finally, let’s talk color!!! I mean, how amazing is it that Anastasia Beverly Hills expanded to launch some of the most coveted beauties in the biz right now … I’m obsessed with everything. And before you ask, yes, Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick is back in stock! Get it while it’s hot, because we all know it won’t last long. In addition to Liquid Lipstick, I personally can’t live without the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss! It’s not your average lip lacquer at all. It goes on with a full finish (there’s really nothing sheer about it!), feels amazingly cushiony on your lips, smells to me like butter cream frosting, and best of all, it lasts all day long! Sure the color wears off faster than Liquid Lipstick, but this is a gloss that’s carried me seamlessly through three back-to-back press events without one reapplication. That’s unheard of in my experience. And the new Lip Primer expands the wear even longer!

As for Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadows, they’re equally as impressive as the rest of the line. The powders come in nearly 70 different shades and are so richly pigmented you’ll be hooked the first time you try them! Similar to the Contouring Refills, you can buy shades individually to create your own custom palette or opt for the gorge Summer Artist’s Palette to try a little bit of everything. There are even Crème Shadows available if you’re really craving some intense color play! And bonus, all of the crèmes are waterproof, so they’ll last through the summer heat, humidity, and every last one of your trips to the beach!

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