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7 Chic Ways To Keep Your Vanity Organized

7 Chic Ways To Keep Your Vanity Organized
7 Chic Ways To Keep Your Vanity Organized


Open baskets are ideal for storing frequently used items, like hair dryers or oversized products, such as body lotion, that may not fit in a box or a small drawer. It's best to store these not-so-pretty items in your bathroom cabinet, where they'll be out of sight but still easily viewed when you open the door. You can also use open baskets to store better-looking items like towels or rolls of toilet paper for easy access and a spa-like effect.



No matter how organized they are, sometimes little odds and ends can still look disorderly. Things like nail polish collections, travel kits, or excess makeup, which you may not use daily, are great candidates for boxes. You can stack your boxes out in the open or tuck them away in a cabinet; they'll look sleek and chic either way.

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If, like us, you tend to take off your jewelry when you're washing your face or hopping in the shower, it's smart to keep a small catch-all around; that way you'll never wonder where you left your favorite pair of earrings or your best watch. Keep one near the side of your sink or in your medicine cabinets.

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Cups are great contenders for beauty items like Q-tips, bobby pins, and makeup brushes that you use regularly and want to keep on hand. They come in all sizes, of course, so consider the height of the item you're organizing.


You can make bottles of lotions, fragrances, and soaps on your countertop appear more orderly by corralling them on a tray. While you're at it, store those cups and bowls there as well, and keep everything in one place. Consider adding a pretty plant or a favorite candle to glam it up a notch.

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For items like cotton balls, bath salts, or bar soaps that you want to protect from moisture, jars are a must-have item. Apothecary jars are a favorite, but if they're too traditional for your aesthetic, you can play with everything from mason jars to ceramic containers.

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If you're a makeup maven, the items above may not suit your extensive collections of eye shadow palettes and mascara tubes. Pick up an acrylic container that has spaces designed especially for all of a beauty queen's essentials.

How do you organize your bathroom? Share your best tips in the comments below!

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