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6 Amazing Inventions You're Being Denied For Stupid Reasons

6 Amazing Inventions You're Being Denied For Stupid Reasons
6 Amazing Inventions You're Being Denied For Stupid Reasons


Every futuristic family we've ever seen on TV or in the movies has access to technology that caters to their every whim. Housekeeping is handled by a robot, everyone has smartwatches, holograms aren't just concert novelties, and hot meals require nothing more than the push of a button.

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Here's the thing: Everything in The Jetsons is pretty much doable today. We know how to infuse just about anything with online capability, except elderly people. We could have Back To The Future Part II-style smart houses right now if we really, really wanted them. But we don't want them, because they're too goddamned expensive. Who wants to pay three times more for a "smart" toilet when a regular toilet steals your poop just as well? Picture replacing all of your appliances, heating and a/c, lighting, security, and entertainment systems with virtually identical versions that can be connected to the internet. If you can still afford your mortgage after the last installation, good job -- you've really earned that smart Jacuzzi that can regulate your water temperature based on your last tweet.


"I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that. You've had ramen for 14 days straight."

Even if you're so rich that replacing everything you own in one Ambien-fueled, smart-home shopping spree is no big deal, you're going to find that your new stuff is super difficult to install and absolutely none of the components are compatible with one another. Finally and most importantly, smart home developers create their technology so rapidly that their homes are obsolete before they're even finished being built. You know how a new computer or smartphone gets replaced by a newer, better computer or smartphone within like six months? Picture that, only it's your entire house.

Every year new smart home systems are released. Which is great for the general advancement of technology but not so great for the homeowners who built their houses with the equivalent of avocado-colored refrigerators.


In the rush to get a platform advantage, companies can't decide standards for products, rendering the appliances and hardware obsolete in about a year when they should last for a decade. They're having a technological arms race, but nobody can go to war because their weapons keep being recalled.

A recent example of this phenomenon is Nest. Nest had all the trademarks of why you can't have a smart home. It created the platform Revolv, which was a smart-home hub operated via cloud-based app, then it was acquired by Google, which eventually shut down the cloud service. So everybody who shelled out for the product has found it useless. Welcome to the future, everyone! We replace our ovens every year here!


The arrival of driverless cars has been imminent for years now. They're desperately in need, too, as draconian legislation prohibits good people who are driving to post Instagram photos, figure out who to be mad at on Twitter, or check in with their baes. This lack of digital dialogue can go on for minutes while driving, which is absolutely barbaric.


"It's been almost eight minutes since I Snapchatted my junk to anyone!"

The roads may be decent enough for humans to use most of the time, but they're far below standard for snooty driverless cars. For one of them to operate, the road it's traveling on must be well-paved and clearly marked. A 2014 report found that 65 percent of American roads are not up to scratch. In the last decade the USA has dropped from seventh to 18th on the "Road Quality" list put together by the World Economic Forum, who seem to be willing to do a list on just about anything.

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Developers are taking matters into their own hands by trying to create ways for driverless cars to work on our low-quality roads. They're mapping their own traffic rules and road layouts and creating systems for real-time mapping, all because we don't know how to paint a couple of straight lines and maintain our roads to a standard that doesn't look like the acne-scarred face of a high school newspaper editor.

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