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5 Ways to Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossil Dig

5 Ways to Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossil Dig
5 Ways to Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Create Your Own Dinosaur Dig

How to Make Your Own Fossil Dig Kit

There were some super AWESOME ideas shared for creating your own Dinosaur Dig on the Discover & Explore linky last week. Your kids will love to dig into these activities and learn more about dinosaurs and fossils.

We've included links to each of the variations of fossil dig ideas along with affiliate links for recommended books and items to have one hand for the best dino dig ever!

Dino Dig in Ice

Freeze the Dinosaurs

Both Happy Hooligans and Little Bins for Little Hands shared how to freeze dinosaurs and then use water & salt to 'dig' out the reptiles.

Dinosaur Dig in clay

Bury in Clay

Life with Moore Babies created a really cool clay for their dino dig. They also created fossils on the top of the clay so the kids could examine them before digging.

This is like many of the traditional dinosaur dig kits so if you're looking for a preset one (which makes a great birthday gift), try this Large Dinosaur Excavation Kit.

Create a Dinosaur Excavation

Create an Excavation Bin

Munchkin and Bean used baking soda to replicate an Arctic dig site -- once frozen, the baking soda mixture looks like snow & ice! These Dinosaur Skeleton Toy Figures are perfect to put in your excavation site!

Sticky Dinosaur Goo

Cover Dinos in Goo

Crayon Box Chronicles decided to cover their dinosaurs in goo for some great sticky adventures! You can replicate this activity with these Plastic Dinosaur Figures.

Tips for Creating a Dinosaur Dig

Finding Fossils in Sand

Digging in sand has never been so much fun! Going Blue, Too not only created a fun dinosaur dig with sand for the kids but they also give some wonderful details about how to expand the learning for a dino dig!

And of course, pairing your dino dig with a book is always recommended! Try one of these great titles:

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week! This week's theme is Creating with Nature so be sure to share & visit for some cool ideas.

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