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5 Gardening Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

5 Gardening Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know
5 Gardening Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

gardening tips for preppers
Spring is right around the corner, and if you’re like us you’re already working on your spring garden. Check out our gardening tips to help you get started!

In my recent gardening research I came across some pretty awesome tips and tricks that will make gardening even MORE fun! You’d be surprised at how a few simple household ingredients can completely transform your garden. The best part? All of these gardening tips use completely natural ingredients, free of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Check out the list below to get started, and let us know your own gardening tips in the comments!

Tip #1: Try this super easy way to grow tomato seedlings.

I was so impressed with this simple technique!

tomato plant 1

tomato plant 2

What you’ll need:

  • Potting soil or garden mix
  • Container or pot
  • Ripe tomatoes

The following video demonstrates just how to get your tomato seedlings from these 3 items.

Tip #2: Turn your plastic milk jug into a watering jug.

milk jug watering can

I love this idea because it’s all about recycling what you have around the house to save money. Let’s face it, gardening can become expensive. The other handy thing is that you can make one with a super fine/gentle spray by using a small needle and one with a more substantial flow by using a bigger needle.

You can find instructions here!

Tip #3: Use coffee grounds in your garden.

coffee grounds for garden

Recycle those coffee grounds! They make an excellent fertilizer and compost….and so much more! Check out this wonderful article on just how many benefits coffee grounds can bring to your garden this Spring.

Tip #4: Use crushed eggshells.

One way to protect your plants from pests is by sprinkling crushed eggshells at their base.


For other tips and tricks using eggshells and egg cartons check out my other article Egg Carton Seedlings.

Tip #5: Re-grow your vegetables from kitchen scraps.

regrowing food

After your meal, don’t throw out the leftover vegetable scraps! You can regrow so many different vegetables by sticking the bottom end of them into a well-prepared patch of good soil and making sure their bed is kept moist. Surprisingly easy!

You can find detailed instructions on how to regrow your own vegetables here!

There you have it, folks! Those are my top five tips and tricks for your garden. If you have a gardening tip you would like to share, please share in the comment section below. Best of luck, fellow gardeners!

Original article and pictures take http://survivallife.com/5-gardening-tips-and-tricks/ site

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