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18 Fall Science Experiments & Crafts using Real Leaves

18 Fall Science Experiments & Crafts using Real Leaves
18 Fall Science Experiments & Crafts using Real Leaves

leaf crafts & science projects for kids

Before we even get into the projects, I'm going to ask you for a favor -- please ask the kids to collect leaves from the ground when they prep for these activities. No jumping up to pull them off the tree ;)

Look for leaves that have recently fallen from the tree and are still pliable so they won't fall apart during the craft or experiment. And many times, the type of leaf won't matter. In fact, collecting a wide variety of leaves will usually help to enhance the beauty of the project and increase your child's understanding during the experiement.

Items with an (*) appear in each of the photo collages. And we've also included affiliate links for a few items we use when exploring & crafting with leaves!

fall leaf crafts for kids

Colorful Leaf Crafts

Autumn Window Art | Kids Craft Room*

Offer kids a simple Invitation to Draw Leaves | Munchkins & Moms

Create & Learn with Laminated Leaves | Teaching Mama*

Talk about symmetry in nature by creating mirror leaf drawings | Plot 55

I love this Fall Leaf Lacing craft which is great for fine motor skills | Rhythms of Play*

Make Leaf Chalk Art (a great idea if you have leaves that don't change color) | Coffee Cups & Crayons

Use your imagination to make Leaf People | Fantastic Fun & Learning*

Craft a beautiful Leaf & Paint collage for the season | Happy Hooligans

And while you have the paint out, make a gorgeous Leaf Print too! | Meaningful Mama*

Make a Leaf Tree to use as a centerpiece for your table | Nogginmama*

Create these colorful Leaf Prints using paper & a hammer!

leaf science experiments
Explore the Science of Leaves

Learn about Leaf Chromotagraphy & the colors of leaves which pairs nicely with the book Put together a Fall Nature Tray & use a magnifying glass to get an up-close look | Edventures with Kids*

Look at leaf cells free printable color wheel | PBS Parents

See how leaves breathe with this easy science experiment | Edventures with Kids*

Grab some playdough & make leaf prints to better view leaf veins | Learn, Play, Imagine*

Explore how water travels through leaves | Buggy & Buddy*

Identify leaves & trees with these free printable leaf cards! | Wildflower Ramblings

Learn the science of leaves with Leaf Rubbings | Edventures with Kids

Read STEM Toys & Game Store showcases all the latest & greatest in learning toys for kids so be sure to check out the selection!

great books for a leaf hunt

For more leaf fun, take a book on a leaf hunt when you head out to find your leaves!

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